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 Decks for Sale (Tsukasa102)

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PostSubject: Decks for Sale (Tsukasa102)   Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:02 pm

In my possession, I hold two theme decks (One is original, the other is not.)

These decks come with Sleeves (The Fairy Deck has Red sleeves that are sort of annoyingly slippery.. Makes it impossible to shuffle using the "Bridge" technique) But hey, protection, right?

My first deck for sale is a Warrior-Theme deck, based on getting out high-powered attack cards in little to no time, while being able to put up a formiddle offense/defensive strategy. If interested PM me for the specs.

My second, as mentioned before, is a Themed fairy deck. "Rise of the Agents" or something.
It's based on getting out a card named "Master Hyperion" who can remove from play fairy-type monsters in your graveyard to destroy any card on the field, and depending on whether or not you have "Sanctuary in the Sky" on the field, you can use that effect twice per turn. It's pretty epic, as it negates all damage you recieve from battle when your fairy-monsters are destroyed.

Other notable cards in this deck are Valhalla, hall of the fallen.
This cards pretty epic, it lets you special summon a fairy (Regardless of lvl) to your side of the field if you have no monsters on it. Basically, it means you can special summon if your field is empty, then normal summon a monster too :3 Epic strategy when you're opponent thinks he won by wiping out one of your higher level monsters, and you simply summon another one in its stead.

This card is also epic, she deals 600 LP damage every time you summon a fairy. 2600 Atk points makes this card dangerous.

Splendid Venus :
Decreases every monster that ISN't a fairy by 500 ATK points, epic to have on the field.

The Agents :
Honestly, the only one worth mention is MARS, who gains ATK/Def points = differince between your lifepoints and your opponents. (Useless if your losing, obviously) He can be a pretty killer card Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Decks for Sale (Tsukasa102)   Sun Dec 25, 2011 3:33 pm

For the Fairy deck how much you want for it?
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Decks for Sale (Tsukasa102)
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